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Vega Rocks

Braided Viking Style Bracelet

Braided Viking Style Bracelet

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Heavy weight pure silver cuff bracelet, handmade using traditional techniques in a braided rope design. Made of pure silver, it has a darker soft natural patina as it has not been mixed with other metals or machine made and polished. As the bracelet is worn the pure silver will develop a brighter, soft, natural lustre and polish.

  • Handmade in solid pure silver 
  • Unisex design 
  • Heavy weight and solid, over 35 grms 
  • Metal Purity: 95-98% Pure Silver (Purer than sterling Silver - 92.5%).Please note it does not have modern 925 silver mark as it is tribal pure silver.
  • 10mm wide band approx 4mm thick at sides
  • Width approx 65mm x 60mm, slightly adjustable
  • 30mm wide opening to fit wrist 
  • Approx size - women - medium/large, man- small/medium
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