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Shiva Eye Shell Stud Earrings

Shiva Eye Shell Stud Earrings

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Classic, easy to wear stud earrings and a reminder of beachy days spent by the ocean. 

Each pair uniquely handcrafted in sterling silver with natural Shiva Eye sea shell. 

A perfect present for all those who love the ocean and natural beauty.

Sea shells are symbols for good fortune, protection, growth & regeneration.

The Shiva Eye shell ( Santa Lucia Stone) is a beautiful white shell with a natural swirl or wave design. Named after the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third eye chakra and is used as a symbol for awakening, opening the mind and releasing creativity.

In some folklore Shiva Eye shells are called 'Mermaids Money' and bring good luck to travellers, fishermen and ocean folk.

  • Materials - Solid 925 Silver and natural sea shell
  • Size of shell 6mm 
  • Please note each shell is naturally unique and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour from the one pictured
  • Feel good that a 5% donation from our profits will be made to an ocean protecting organisation from the sale of these earrings
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