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Shiva Eye Shell Gecko Earrings

Shiva Eye Shell Gecko Earrings

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An unusual and quirky design combining beautiful Shiva Eye sea shells and solid silver in a cute gecko design.

Geckos are a familiar friend on desert walks and tropical beach huts and have long been symbols of good luck and protection all over the world.

Like the gecko sea shells are symbols for good fortune, protection, growth & regeneration.

Spiritually, the gecko represents incredible healing and cleansing abilities due to its regenerative powers. This animal literally has the ability to shed its skin and even grow back limbs! disposing of the old and making space for the new. Therefore they have become a symbol for hope, healing, reinventing ourselves and rebuilding our own lives.

The Shiva Eye shell is a beautiful white shell with a natural swirl or wave design, named after the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third eye chakra and is used as a symbol for awakening, opening the mind and releasing creativity.

In some folklore Shiva Eye shells are called 'Mermaids Money' and bring good luck to travellers, fishermen and ocean folk.

  • Solid 92.5 Silver earrings and earring hooks
  • 10mm wide x 34mm long including hooks
  • Please note each shell is naturally unique and therefore may vary slightly in size and colour from the one pictured
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