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Chakra Stones & Silver Bracelet

Chakra Stones & Silver Bracelet

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Striking and colourful handmade chakra stone bracelet featuring the seven rainbow coloured gemstones for each chakra and bright sterling silver beads. 


Crown/ Sahasrara - Amethyst

Third eye/Ajna - Lapis

Throat /Vishuddha - Blue Angelite

Heart/Anahata - Jade

Solar plexus/Manipura - Citrine

Sacred/Svadhishthana - Coral Stone

Root/Muladhara - Red Fire Agate/ Red Coral Stone

  • Handmade in Solid 92.5 Silver 
  • 8mm gemstone beads 
  • Adjustable length from 16cm - 19cm ( 7" - 8") with silver extender chain
  • Secures with a strong silver spring lock clasp  

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