What is Gold Vermeil?

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What is gold vermeil and why is it different to gold plating?

Gold plated means that a thin layer of gold has been bonded to a base metal which is usually, tin, brass, or a nickel alloy.  When the gold wears off the metal underneath will quite often discolour rapidly and cause an allergic reaction and discolour the skin (usually blackish green).

Gold Vermeil means that the layer of gold has been bonded to a precious metal base. The jewellery is made of solid 925 silver and then a layer of genuine gold is bonded to the surface. Depending on the thickness of this layer the colour will be more or less durable. Gold vermeil jewellery will also fade and loose its colour with use over time but with a much more gradual effect. This means the jewellery is still wearable and will continue to be wearable after the gold plating wears off.

As the metal underneath is silver it is less likely to cause any allergic reaction.  This means gold vermeil is good choice for anyone who has more sensitive skin

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