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Shiva Shell Feather Ring

Shiva Shell Feather Ring

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Silver feather design ring which wraps around the finger and features a natural Shiva Eye shell set into the front. This retro, boho design is comfortable and solid with a flat profile and intricate detailing on the feather.

Feathers are a reminder that you are loved by infinite people (both here on earth and otherwise). The feather also deals with the idea of ascension and spiritual evolution to a higher plane.

Feathers were traditionally worn by Native American Chiefs to symbolize their connection with the Great Spirit, and to express their celestial wisdom.

The Shiva Eye shell is a beautiful white shell with a natural swirl or wave design on one side and on the other side a striking plume of colours. The shell is said to be the open eye on one side and the eyelashes of the closed eye on the other.

Named after the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third eye chakra and is used as a symbol for awakening, opening the mind and releasing creativity.

  • Solid 925 Silver
  • Natural Sea Shell
  • Size of shell approx. 8mm by 6 mm
  • Width of design at front 12mm by 3mm at back
  • Weight approx. 4.8 grms
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