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Mini Gemstone Planet Ring - Venus - Rhodochrosite Stone

Mini Gemstone Planet Ring - Venus - Rhodochrosite Stone

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Each of these rare natural Rhodochrosite gemstones has its own unique pink cloudy swirls of pattern, set into a delicate silver band ring. 

Because of its strong connection to the heart it is associated with the planet Venus, and the goddess of love. 

Rhodochrosite Gemstone - Compassion · Love · Comfort · Healing

Zodiac - Leo · Scorpio

Chakra - Heart & Root

  • 925 Silver
  • Genuine rare gemstone - approx size 7mm by 4mm
  • Handmade with ethically sourced materials
  • Please remember as all these rings are made using genuine gemstones, the stone you receive may vary slightly from the one pictured. Made to be unique not perfect!

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