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Inspiration Mala

Inspiration Mala

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Sodalite is a great gemstone for calmness as it is said to dissolve fear and stress into peaceful feelings. Helping you to create harmony and inner space for inspiration and creativity.

It is also known as the stone of intuition and logic enabling us to be proactive about entering situations that cause stress and anxiety and allowing you to trust in your instincts or sixth sense. 

Take your meditation practice even deeper with this third eye chakra stone, a healing vibration that connects you with your instinctive energy. Use this gemstone of insight to take inventory of your current mind-body-spirit.

Take note of any thoughts that come up and ask Sodalite to gently help you let go of all negativity.  Sodalite crystal meaning is also linked to the ethereal energy that promotes the highest forms of creative self-expression in the arts and music.

Sodalite - Harmony, communication, intuition, creativity & inspiration


6mm stone and clay beads with bright cobalt blue tassel

Clay beads can be infused with your favourite essential oils.

52cm beads, 62cm including tassel

Handmade supports local artists and the local economy

Comes in a free hessian zip up pouch/purse

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