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Dream Catcher Necklace

Dream Catcher Necklace

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Beautifully detailed dainty dream catcher necklace, handmade in solid silver. The feather at the bottom is made to hang separately, so it adds a lovely bit of movement to the pendant when you wear it.

Dream catchers were traditionally used by Native Americans as talismans to protect sleeping people from bad dreams and nightmares.

The story is that negative or bad dreams are caught and trapped in the webbed design and good dreams pass through and gently slide down the feathers to comfort the sleeper below.  

The negative dreams that are stuck in a dream catcher expire as soon as the first rays of the morning sun strikes them.


  • Handmade solid silver pendant
  • Comes with a sterling silver box chain in a choice of lengths
  • Pendant 20mm wide by 36mm long (including bale)
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