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Vega Rocks

Celebrate Mala

Celebrate Mala

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The soothing lilac colour of the stones promotes happiness, confidence and energy.  Mala beads are used for meditation, prayer and living a mindful life. Worn by yogis and spiritual seekers for centuries. Made of purple Thulite a type of mineral often found in quartz crystal.

`Stimulates life force energy and helps to fully express personality. Combats low self esteem.´

 Purple Thulite -  Energy,  self expression, mood lifting & confidence

6mm stone and clay beads on lilac thread with tassel

Clay beads can be infused with your favourite essential oils.

52cm beads, 62cm including tassel

Handmade supports local artists and the local economy

Comes in a free hessian zip up pouch/purse


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